Wheel Repair Adelaide

Wheel Repair Adelaide

Professional Wheel Repair in Adelaide

Wheelworx Auto Studio has offered wheel repairs in Adelaide for over 20 years. With such extensive experience, our team knows what it takes to get your damaged wheel looking new again. Wheelworx Auto Studio was established after our founders realised that Australia has limited tyre options at high prices. We strive to make wheels and tyres from all over the world available to our Australian car owners. Our team deals with wheels from reputable brands like KMC Wheels, TSW, Moto Metal, Simmons, and others.

Besides new wheels, we also believe that each customer deserves personalised services. Our team will not just pack or repair your tire. We will take time to discuss your options and recommend the ideal solution for your problem. We also understand that not everyone knows about tyres. This is why we are open-minded, friendly, and approachable. We will help you until you are fully satisfied.

We Repair All Wheel Brands in Adelaide

Wheel repair in Adelaide is an excellent alternative to replacement. Wheels are costly these days, and manufacturers have decided that steel wheels are a thing of the past. Alloy or aluminium is the typical type of wheel today. Some people think that a bent wheel can never be fixed. However, this is a misconception. At Wheelworx Auto Studio, we specialise in fixing all wheel types. Our wheel repair and modification services include;

  • 2 Pak Painting
  • Rerolling
  • OEM Refinishing
  • Machining + Boring
  • Polishing
  • Shadow Chrome
  • Offset Changes
  • Steel Wheel Conversions
  • 1 – 2 and 3 Piece Wheels
  • Alloy Motorcycle wheels
  • 2 Pak Colour Change
  • Powder Coating

Wheel repair can keep your vehicle on the road for longer instead of waiting for a replacement. Minor damage can escalate to a significant problem if left unattended. So, it is wise to call our experts the moment you detect a defect on your wheels.

Wheel Repair Adelaide
Wheel Repair Adelaide

Reasons to Call Our Wheel Repair Experts in Adelaide

Wheel repair in Adelaide is not only a matter of appearance but also safety. You can run into many problems when your wheels malfunction. As a driver, you should watch out for the common signs of damaged wheels. These signs include;

  • Vibrations of the car. Vibrations can significantly affect your driving comfort, regardless of whether you have three-spoke, turbine, or concave wheels. Vibrations can become hazardous and cause dangerous situations on the road.
  • Wheel runout. This means that your tyres and rims become ill-shaped. The runout can be vertical or horizontal depending on what you hit, your wheels’ age, and the installation process. Wheel runout affects your driving comfort and car’s performance.
  • Uneven tyre wear. When your tires wear out unevenly, it could mean that you need a wheel repair.
  • Strange noises. If you notice unfamiliar noises like grinding, consider checking whether you need wheel repair. These noises often appear as you pick up speed, turn, or brake.

Call our team if you notice any of these issues.

Our professional wheel repair services in Adelaide will ensure that your damaged wheels return to their original form. Call us today for a quote.

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