Rims Adelaide

Rims Adelaide

Leading the Way in Rims for Adelaide Car Owners

At Wheelworx Auto Studio, we provide high-quality rims in Adelaide. We have provided Adelaide’s residents with wheel and tyre services for over 20 years. With a team of six qualified and highly experienced tradespeople, you can expect us to offer expert advice and assistance. Passionate people founded the business to provide a diverse range of wheels and tyres from all over the world. Our founders realised that Australia had limited options and high prices.

We offer all-wheel related services from new tyres to repairs. However, we also believe that you need personal services. So, we provide recommendations for wheel and tyre combinations, widths, and offsets. If you do not know what you are looking for, our team will help you ensure your car is comfortable and safe. We are always on-hand to provide you with first-class services on our range of products.

Rim Professionals in Adelaide

Whether you want to change your car’s look or are considering an upgrade, our Adelaide rims can make a significant impact. We stock different rim sizes to cater for every car make and model. Our team understands that price is a primary concern for everyone these days. So, we offer our rims at affordable prices to ensure you can afford to be on the road. You can provide images of your rims to enable our team to prepare a quote. We cater for all budgets, fitments, and styles. If you need something customised or your rim sent to a remote location, our team has got you covered.

At Wheelworx Auto Studio, we deal with reputable brands worldwide like, American Racing, Audi, Boss Wheels, Avant-Garde, and others. We also do cosmetic and structural repairs to your wheel’s face with a professional finish using unique equipment and a premium automotive point. So, do not hesitate to call us when you need new rims or repair services.

Rims Adelaide
Rims Adelaide

Contacting Our Mag Wheels Experts in Adelaide

If you are looking for Adelaide’s latest as well as classic rims, look no further than Wheelworx Auto Studio. We are car enthusiasts specialising in wheels and tyres. Our team is proudly Australian and pride itself on delivering quality products with the leading customer service across Australia. Whether you want rims for your automotive, agricultural, commercial wheels, or other wheel styles, we are the team to call.

Our team has built a reputation in Adelaide for reliability and affordability. This is why we have received many positive reviews.

“These guys go above and beyond. They’ve done custom work for my 2015 Subaru WRX everyone else said wasn’t possible, which turned out amazing. They also fitted a set of rims purchased from overseas to my new vehicle another local, large franchise, wheel-based business also were unable to do. If you need genuine expertise with all things wheel/rim I’d honestly suggest to check these guys out, I’m yet to have a bad experience with them”.

– Mathew Grosser.

At Wheelworx Auto Studio, we stock all the leading wheels and tyres, so visit us to see our full range of rims in Adelaide.

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