KMC Wheels

KMC Wheels

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Wheelworx Auto Studio offers various quality wheels from the world’s leading brands, including KMC, Moto Metal, TSW, Simmons, and many others. We pride ourselves on being Australia’s most extensive range of wheels and tyres. We order worldwide to ensure that you have a massive collection to help you achieve the desired look for your car. This means that we can cater for every vehicle, budget, fitment, and style. We are also the team to talk to if you need something custom.

After realising that Adelaide has limited tyre and wheel options at high prices, we established the Wheelworx Auto Studio. The company offers all big brands at the lowest prices. We have a team of six qualified tradespeople dedicated to meeting your needs first. We believe that everyone deserves personalised services, not just selecting a wheel and having it installed on your car. Our team will talk to you and recommend the wheel and tyre combinations, widths, and offsets.

Are KMC Wheels right for you?

If you have a 4WD vehicle, you have probably bought KMC wheels more than once. Some drivers wonder whether KMC wheels are lasting. The good news is that KMC wheels are excellent and triumph over other brands. The brand ensures that its wheels have a quality finish and withstand the harsh Australian weather. The best thing is that they can suit 4WD and passenger vehicles. The brand KMC takes the time to research and develop the highest quality wheels and load ratings worldwide. They are more of a lifestyle than an aftermarket wheel manufacturer.

At Wheelworx Auto Studio, we understand the importance of your vehicle, which is why we strive to provide you with quality wheels at competitive prices. KMC wheels are available in different styles, fitments, offsets, and sizes. So, you will always find a set of wheels for your style and joy. Make KMC your choice of wheels for your passenger or 4WD vehicle, and we will be happy to deliver.

KMC Wheels
KMC Wheels

Upgrade your vehicle with KMC Wheels

KMC wheels add a touch of class to your car since they combine a perfect amount of simplicity and aggression. They can transform your vehicle into something your friends and passers-by will envy. At Wheelworx Auto Studio, we are happy when our customers are satisfied. We are glad to go out of our way and deliver your KMC wheels if you live in a remote area. Our team is here to serve you and ensure you get exceptional customer care services. However, do not take our word for it. Please read reviews from our previous customers, including;

“These guys go above and beyond. They’ve done custom work for my 2015 Subaru WRX everyone else said wasn’t possible which turned out amazing. They also fitted a set of rims purchased from overseas to my new vehicle another local, large franchise, wheel based business also were unable to do. If you need genuine expertise with all things wheel/rim I’d honestly suggest to check these guys out, I’m yet to have a bad experience with them”.

– Matthew Grosser.

Call our team or visit our shop today to get your KMC wheels at an affordable price.

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